Books Published

This Institution has done a lot for the students to improve their knowledge in the different subjects. The following teachers through their tireless work have published the following books. These are the milestones of this Institution. The Institution is proud of its service to humanity by publishing unfading glorious books.

In 1983 book on “Carpentry Theory” was published by the Institution to cater Carpentry students. And the institution is proud to state that this is the only book available for the Carpentry students in Tamil.

On 17.03.2000 Mr. L. Arockiadoss, Fitter Training Officer published his first book on “Fitting Technology Part I”, to Cater the Fitter, Turner and Machinist students.

On 09.08.2001 Mr. L. Arockiadoss, Fitter Training Officer published his next book on “Fitting Technology Part II”.

On 29.01.2007 Rev. Bro. Mark Britto, Vice Principal, Published a book on “Spoken English Formulas” to enable the students to speak and understand English, since the final NCVT Question paper are in Hindi and English following the NIMI pattern.

Whenever the need arises all these books are reprinted and updated to the present situation. These books are timeless document for humanity.