Computer Aided Drafting & Designing (Cadd) Lab

The integration of the use of computers into the product design and development process has benefited engineering industry in several ways. There are many advantages in using computers. The most important factor is that the computer can store large amount of engineering data which can be used in the various stages of design, development and manufacture, like conceptual design, analysis, component design, documentation, process planning and manufacturing. The product development approach using the Computer Aided Drafting & Designing and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CADD / CAM) results in better and consistently good quality products invariably at a lower cost, with the attendant benefits of faster development of different variants of the product or model.

To train the students in this method a Computer Aided Drafting & Designing lab was inaugurated on Friday, 10th August 2007 by Rev. Bro. Dhanaraj, the Provincial superior of Trichy Province.